Re-imagining English Bay – DIALOG Design Residency 2020

Role: Design Residency Participant
Team: Brittney Lopushinsky, Ran Zhang, Jessie Booker, Mahon Lamont, Sydney Burstein, Gary Baker, Ben Schnidel, Felix Torres-Nieves
Date: February 2020

How might we encourage healing through the celebration of water?

Each year, DIALOG funds an annual design residency program for a small cohort of students. Alongside eight students from across Canada and the United States, I was nominated for this residency. We were brought to Vancouver and tasked with reimagining English Bay. This iconic destination within Vancouver is regularly challenged by highly-used bike and pedestrian routes, an influx of summer tourists, and seasonal festivals.

We were tasked with developing a strategy to re-connect this space to the city and bring new life to it for Vancouver residents. We analyzed the site, listened to guest lectures, and proposed design solutions which envisioned English Bay as a site of sociability, human wellbeing, and environmental restoration.

DIALOG Design Residency 2020 Highlight Reel
English Bay faces a series of problems, including runoff problems, a sense of artificiality, social isolation and a hard edge that is pressured by urban development and sea level rise. Drawings by Jean Roe.
The proposal
Introspective and exploratory floating pods that change with the tides. Drawings by Jean Roe.

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