Point Grey Laneway Village

Role: PLAN587B Student
Supervisor: Maged Senbel (UBC SCARP)
Team: Individual Project
Date: Spring 2020

Proposal to develop a laneway eco-village in Vancouver’s West Point Grey neighbourhood, on an old Safeway site.

Proposal vision: A community that is connected — to its food, foliage, water and each other — through an intimate network of naturalized and commercial laneways, a thoughtful mix of uses and modest density.

Summary Calculations 

Total Site Area: 16,500 m²
Built Floor Area: 45,000 m²
Residential: 47,000 m²
Commercial: 5,000 m²
Institutional: 1,700 m²Total number of units: 719
Studio: 230
1-bedroom: 237
2-bedroom: 163
3-bedroom: 89

Total Population: 1,156

Floor Space Ratio: 2.7

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