Blank Page Plaza

Role: Placemaker
Partner: Intelligent Futures
Team: Pat Aouad, Chad Peters, Jeff Robson, Cass Caiger, John Lewis
Date: Summer 2017

Blank Page Plaza was a dynamic urban design experiment in Calgary’s Kensington Village by Intelligent Futures. Easy to implement designs allowed for prototypes to be quickly adapted. Throughout the summer, five key interventions took place, changing biweekly. Each intervention was designed to activate the space in a different way, and designs changed based on community input and our observations of what worked and what didn’t.

We planned, implemented and monitored five urban design experiments on a small sidewalk space.

Design Elements

Our strategy for Blank Page Plaza incorporated six key design elements.

Map Kensington

One intervention included an interactive map of the neighbourhood. We asked passersby to identify their favourite spots in the neighbourhood. On a large piece of plywood, I drew the map. The original map design was from Studio North. This project would not have been possible without ongoing collaboration with Blank Page Studio.

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