Appropriate Neighbourliness

A Study of Combined or Clearly Defined Amenity Spaces in Mixed Tenure Buildings

Role: Research, Writing, Graphic Design
Team: Maureen Solmundson, Jean Roe
Partners: City of Vancouver, UBC School of Community and Regional Planning
Date: Spring 2019

The City of Vancouver’s inclusionary zoning policy has resulted in the production of many residential buildings that include both non-market housing, which may include supportive housing, and market units. In most cases, the two types of units are under separate management and feature separate spaces, such as entrances, utility rooms, elevators and outdoor spaces. This separation has been the focus of criticism as reflecting a practice of social exclusion and segregation. This report examines the issue of shared versus separate spaces from the perspectives of City staff and non-profit housing operators who operate the non-market housing on behalf of the City and concludes with a set of recommendations and next steps.

Read the report

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